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A: Is Gary de leon in Woodstock Ontario a registered Sex offender?
by peanut
A: dewayne robert engstrom
by Cin
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by anonymous
A: google the state you want to search and sex offenders
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Q: Who is he
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Q: Are there any sex offender on Love Lane Hixson Tn
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Q: How many offenders are there in Seymour?
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Sevierville man allegedly assaults woman - Themountainpress
Sevier, tennessee
- - Themountainpress - A Sevierville man is facing charges of aggravated rape and kidnapping after he allegedly detained a woman in his home and assaulted her. Kevin Joseph Wisniewski, 27, of 2811 Boyds Creek Highway, was being held at the Sevier County Jail Tuesday. - -
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July 29 2014
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